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Salads / Green Salad (v)
Salads / Gomadare Tofu Salad (v)
Salads / Sashimi Salad
Salads / Kani Salad
Side dishes / Vegetarian Duck Rolls (v)
Side dishes / Spicy Wing Stick
Side dishes / Pumpkin Croquette (v)
Side dishes / Panko Honey King Prawns
Side dishes / Vegetarian Spring Rolls (v)
Side dishes / Chinese Greens (v)
Side dishes / Chicken Yakitori
Side dishes / Edamame (v)
Side dishes / New! Goma Horenso (v)
Side dishes / New! Chicken Kara-age
Side dishes / New! Chicken Teriyaki
Side dishes / Deep-Fried Soft Shell Crab
Side dishes / Tori Gyoza
Side dishes / Chive & Shrimp Gyoza
Side dishes / Maguro Tataki
Tempura / Ebi Tempura
Tempura / Yasai Tempura (v)
Tempura / Tempura Moriawase
Nigiri / Sake Nigri
Nigiri / Maguro Nigri
Nigiri / Hamachi Nigri
Nigiri / Toro Nigiri
Nigiri / Tako Nigiri
Nigiri / Tamago Nigiri
Nigiri / Ikura Nigiri
Nigiri / Tobiko Gunkan
Nigiri / Unagi Nigiri
Nigiri / Ebi Nigiri
Nigiri / Botan Ebi Nigiri
Nigiri / Inari Pocket (v)
Nigiri / Hotate Nigiri
Nigiri / Kani Gunkan
Nigiri / Shiro Maguro Nigiri
Nigiri / New! Kani Inari Pocket
Sashimi / Sake Sashimi
Sashimi / Maguro Sashimi
Sashimi / Toro Sashimi
Sashimi / Shiro Maguro Sashimi
Sashimi / Hamachi Sashimi
Sashimi / Sashimi Moriawase
Sashimi / Deluxe Sashimi Moriawase
Donburi / Sake Don
Donburi / Chirashi Don
Maki / Sake Maki
Maki / New! Salmon and Avocado Maki
Maki / Spicy Sake Maki
Maki / Tekka Maki
Maki / Spicy Tekka Maki
Maki / Futomaki
Maki / California Maki
Maki / Inari and Avocado Maki (v)
Maki / Unagi and Avocado Maki
Maki / Kappa Maki (v)
Maki / New! Avocado Maki (v)
Maki / Dragon roll
Maki / Avocado and Asparagus Maki (v)
Maki / Temaki Hand Roll
Maki / Soft Shell Crab Hand Roll
Maki / Negi Toro Maki
Maki / Spider Maki
Maki / New! Rainbow Roll
Sushi boxes / Essential Sushi Box
Sushi boxes / Vegetarian Box (v)
Sushi boxes / Salmon Box
Sushi boxes / Classic Sushi Box
Sushi boxes / Deluxe Sushi Box
Sushi boxes / Gourmet Selection Box
Ramen / Tofu & Vegetable Ramen (v)
Ramen / Grilled chicken Ramen
Ramen / Curry Laksa
Ramen / Tempura Udon Set
Ramen / Miso Ramen
Ramen / Seafood Ramen
Ramen / New! Tom Yum Noodles
Noodle dishes / Yaki Udon
Noodle dishes / Char Kuey Tiew
Noodle dishes / Chicken Chow Mein
Noodle dishes / Singapore Rice Noodles
Noodle dishes / Lo-Han Vegetarian Chow Mein (v)
Noodle dishes / New! Phad Thai
Noodle dishes / Beef Chilli & Black Bean Lo Mein
Noodle dishes / Chicken Chilli & Black Bean Lo Mein
Noodle dishes / Tofu & Vegetables Lo Mein (v)
Rice dishes / Malaysian Chicken Curry and Rice
Rice dishes / Ebi Katsu Curry
Rice dishes / Tori Katsu Curry
Rice dishes / King Prawn Fried Rice
Rice dishes / New! Chicken Teriyaki and Rice
Rice dishes / Chicken Fried Rice
Rice dishes / Unagi Don
Rice dishes / Salmon Teriyaki and Rice
Rice dishes / Roast Duck and Rice


Japanese, sweets, special dessert, cake, mousse, matcha, chocolate, raspberry Watermelon, fresh, squeeze, summer, hot, juice, drink Gindara Misoyaki, fish, black cod, grilled, miso, gindara Special Menu Chicken Teriyaki & Rice - Yummy-licious new dish in the restaurant!



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