new dessert

New desserts in Ealing branch. Matcha (green tea) Parfait, Kurogoma (black sesame) Parfait, matcha soft cream and Kurogoma soft cream.
Try before promotional ends.

Grilled Fish Dishes

Saba Shioyaki
Mackerel specially cooked in grill, slightly salted. Served with dashi based sauce. £8.90

Saikyo Yaki
Grilled salmon marinated with a homemade miso paste. £6.30

Kama hamachi
Grilled yellowtail collar with a homemade recipe. Juicy and most delicious, served with dashi based sauce. £15.50

Negitoro Don

Chopped tuna belly on top of a bed of sushi rice, garnished with spring onions, ginger and wasabi, accompanied with bowl of salad and miso soup.

note: Only available at Blackfriars and Chiswick branch.